Google will completely overhaul AdWords’ interface by the end of 2017

The redesign won’t affect the way campaigns are structured or run. The focus is on updating the way data is displayed and what is shown when.
In the redesign, only relevant navigation is surfaced in each view. For example, Google is not going to show a “video” tab if you’re not running video. Or, if you’re looking at a display campaign that doesn’t have keywords, Google won’t show a “keywords” tab.

AdWords will be 15 this year. The interface has not aged well and often has been experiencing problems when loading. The redesign will hopefully help solve some of the issues and also make using the basic version easier for small advertisers.

Wish they didn’t have to go so slowly about it, but this is one of the most important Alphabet products, so every change must be well though through.

I am happy that the company will stick to Material design. The new design language looks great and has been maturing since it was first released.


Find out more on this link to 345 analysis.