At the beginning of each new year people are always determined to improve themselves. That’s why in January you usually see increase of gym memberships, new diet plans and other self improvement activities. These rarely go further than a couple of days or weeks.

That’s a common problem in people and many have created massive businesses to help you get to that dream goal of achieving the beach body you desire or publishing the book you were always thinking about writing. Despite the external help most still fail. And the simple reason is that they are trying to do something that is not yet a habit.

To trick one’s brain, one must do a task for an extended period of time. Some say 40 days, others 30. But to master it you need at least 10 000 hours and a bit of talent. 

10 000 hours, 416.6 days, 13.8 months, or 1.15 years. Considering that you spend most of your life sleeping, eating or commuting, to invest more than an year in something requires commitment. A lot of commitment.

But what if you don’t want to become a master in something? What if you just want to be good at it and master only the thing/s you are fairly good at?

In the next 365 days I will be trying 12 different challenges. Day 1 of the first challenge is over.