Map of Bulgarian food shops and supermarkets

This is planned to be an independent website at some point. First step of the process is to collect enough data for the map to be useful. The main method of data collection will be crowdsourcing and at least in the beginning I will be the only person validating the data(somehow?).

Can you help updating the map? Please follow the link to fill the form below.
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Do you 👍 or 👎 Facebook?

Social networks are for better or worse an integral part of our lives. The average person spends north of 50 minutes a day in Facebook alone. But does the average person like or dislike the network? Among my friends and family you can definitely see that most social networks have become more of a necessity rather than a place where they enjoy spending time.

So I am curious about you, dear reader. Do you like or dislike Facebook? Do you love it, or hate it with a passion?

Link to the form.

2017. Advertising is still killing the web.

When was the last time you saw an ad on the web (while browsing, not reading an article about the best digital ads) and you though – “Wow, that is amazing!”?

Unless you are very observant, have great memory and are browsing only high quality websites you can’t remember even a single ad. That, sadly, is the state of the web in 2017. And it could get worse. Soon mobile carriers in the US will have the chance to create their own ad networks and essentially advertise to you and even freely resell that data without the user’s consent. Similar things have been happening for a while now and they have not been able to bring “better ads” to users, just more ads, crappier ads.

The web, however, is running on advertising. Most websites you visit or services you use don’t ask you for money or even have a paid version. The user is the commodity here and the customers are the big brands. Can we talk about fair news coverage when media has to always think about their sponsors? Some companies try to diversify or go paid only. Can every website do it? And if yes, can every person afford it?

Sadly, no is the answer here. And until someone figures a better way, the worst offenders will be adblocked and the ones I see value in will be permitted to serve me ads.


At the beginning of each new year people are always determined to improve themselves. That’s why in January you usually see increase of gym memberships, new diet plans and other self improvement activities. These rarely go further than a couple of days or weeks.

That’s a common problem in people and many have created massive businesses to help you get to that dream goal of achieving the beach body you desire or publishing the book you were always thinking about writing. Despite the external help most still fail. And the simple reason is that they are trying to do something that is not yet a habit.

To trick one’s brain, one must do a task for an extended period of time. Some say 40 days, others 30. But to master it you need at least 10 000 hours and a bit of talent. 

10 000 hours, 416.6 days, 13.8 months, or 1.15 years. Considering that you spend most of your life sleeping, eating or commuting, to invest more than an year in something requires commitment. A lot of commitment.

But what if you don’t want to become a master in something? What if you just want to be good at it and master only the thing/s you are fairly good at?

In the next 365 days I will be trying 12 different challenges. Day 1 of the first challenge is over.

Google will completely overhaul AdWords’ interface by the end of 2017

The redesign won’t affect the way campaigns are structured or run. The focus is on updating the way data is displayed and what is shown when.
In the redesign, only relevant navigation is surfaced in each view. For example, Google is not going to show a “video” tab if you’re not running video. Or, if you’re looking at a display campaign that doesn’t have keywords, Google won’t show a “keywords” tab.

AdWords will be 15 this year. The interface has not aged well and often has been experiencing problems when loading. The redesign will hopefully help solve some of the issues and also make using the basic version easier for small advertisers.

Wish they didn’t have to go so slowly about it, but this is one of the most important Alphabet products, so every change must be well though through.

I am happy that the company will stick to Material design. The new design language looks great and has been maturing since it was first released.


Find out more on this link to 345 analysis.

Карта на диалектната делитба на българския език

България е сравнително малка страна. Малка на площ, но не е и на диалекти. Богатата и дълга история и факта, че страната се намира на важен транспортен и геополитически (тази дума въобще не ми харесва) коридор, са помогнали за разклоняването на езика.

Тази аудио карта, направена от БАН, ще помогне да се запази оригиналния говор на хората от различните части на България.

Линк към картата.