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by Pavel Valkanov

Technology, marketing, sociology and psychology.

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Карта на диалектната делитба на българския език

България е сравнително малка страна. Малка на площ, но не е и на диалекти. Богатата и дълга история и факта, че страната се намира на важен транспортен и геополитически (тази дума въобще не ми харесва) коридор, са помогнали за разклоняването на езика.

БАН карта диалекти България.jpg

Тази аудио карта, направена от БАН, ще помогне да се запази оригиналния говор на хората от различните части на България.

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Photoshop will soon be on your Chromebook

Google’s OS for laptops is ramping up with the introduction of a beta version of the Adobe’s popular image processing software. The small netbook type devices, that Google offers as part of the Chrome OS lineup, do not have the muscle to handle the quite resource intensive Adobe products. In order to solve this problem Adobe is developing a special “streaming” version of their software.

Google’s push with the Chromebook line was confined to schools and other education centers that needed cheap and easily maintained machines for the kids to work on. An exception was the introduction of the “Pixel”. A far superior machines with a screen that left me drooling.

I don’t believe that the company is seriously trying to convince designers to start using its hardware, but this new partnership has certainly made it more interesting. The underlying trend, however, is more important. Will this...

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Upselling the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

A point that John Gruber and Rene Ritchie discussed on the latest episode of The Talk Show was the seemingly “punitive” pricing of the different models of the new iPhones.

Apple doubled the storage capacity of the second and third tier of the new phones. The 32GB one becomes 64GB and the largest one is now 128GB. Overall the increase is very welcomed. It has become quite difficult to manage your collection of pictures,videos and music with just that much space. On top of that when doing the annual upgrade to the new version of the iOS you are required to have at least 4GB free space.

Then why keep the entry level 16GB and not double it as well? The marketing sense is clear, make the entry model less desirable and make upselling to the second best easier. The difference in industrial cost between the 16GB storage and 64GB chips is far from the $100 you pay if you want to get more...

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How things change

When I was a kid, 13 maybe 14 years old, one of the things I loved doing was watching TV. Naturally one of the things I dreaded the most about watching TV was the ad breaks. The so called “bane of my existence” were the laundry detergent advertisements.

I was always thinking - How on earth can someone think of something so unbelievably stupid and expect it will make the viewers buy their product? Imprinted in my memory is the series about aunt Maria and the ridiculous situations she was finding herself into just to show how her trusty detergent can clean anything and on top of that - it smells like a spring morning. Or the ads about a certain brand that not only had the ability to make old clothes seem like new but its other, and according to me, more useful ability to be found in the women’s handbags or purses no matter the situation or the size of the purse. Some heavy lifting of...

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The Basics of Project management

I am participating in a 3-day seminar that is supposed to teach me how to be a successful project manager. So far it is failing to do so. But I am not comfortable wasting my time, so I sat down and thought about the issue. Naturally there were several questions that almost immediately popped up:

  1. How can you teach people with different backgrounds and experience in a way that all of them learn something valuable?
  2. What are the best ways to engage your audience and not just deliver the boring theory?
  3. How can you manage outspoken individuals in a way that they won’t worsen the experience of the others by constantly trying to push their opinion? Or if I can paraphrase - How do you facilitate the discussions so that everyone is involved but nobody dominates?

Tough questions. All of them are not only limited to the PM area, but are important for many other spheres of business and...

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